Leader in the field of special cables

A look into the future

We are the result of a dream, a dream started back in 1990: to produce the future cables.
In these twenty-five years we have radically changed: we have expanded our facilities to pare the way for new machinery and equipment; The number of people that works with us every day has significantly increased, as well as that of the products we offer and the customers who have chosen us and continue to do so; we have consolidated our presence in our home markets and expanded our horizons to the global market; we achieved important certifications that attest the Quality of our producing methods.

Today we are ready to move forward, with the maturity of who is aware of being among the leaders in the field of special cables, but with undiminished enthusiasm, as if it were the first day.
Twenty-five years is a great milestone, but we will continue to celebrate even small Achievements every day, new encounters, shared smiles and all the people All the people who gave to life to this company and still contribute to its developments, in order to continue writing its history from now on.


20 December 2023

La Specialcavi Baldassari è lieta di annunciare l'ottenimento della certificazione sulla parità di genere secondo la norma UNI/PdR 125:2022...

20 November 2023

Nell'ambito del suo sistema di gestione, la Sepcialcavi Baldassari ha posto l'obiettivo di assicurare la parità di genere per quanto...

31 October 2023

Specialcavi Baldassari è orgogliosa di annunciare di aver ottenuto la prestigiosa Medaglia di Bronzo Ecovadis il 31 ottobre 2023. Questo...

Copper average price in March

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