We believe that a correct policy for quality, consistent with our corporate philosophy, should be characterized by the continuous search for improvement of our activities.

All products we offer have in common the reliability guaranteed by 4 factors:

  1. the presence of a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008;

  2. the continuous and complete internal controls during the various stages of production;

  3. periodic checks carried out by the Product Certification authorities (where present);

  4. the absolute quality of the raw materials, through the selection and ongoing verification of assessment of our suppliers.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate


We are aware that the world of tomorrow will be built with today's actions and for this reason all our products and our gestures, inside and outside the company, are designed to try to reduce the environmental impact.


We base our environmental policy on the following key points:

1) follow the ISO 14001 guidelines and ensure compliance with current laws on the subject;

2) use products and adopt advanced technologies in order to save resources and minimize emissions and environmental impact, constantly monitoring activities to ensure maximum plant efficiency.

3) optimize the management of waste, trying to decrease its production.

4) instruct and involve all staff in order to raise its awareness of the defined environmental programs.


All our cables are made with materials that meet the most important European Directives:

Download the REACH certificate

Download the ROHS certificate


We consider the human health, environmental protection and safety at work an inescapable duty, a continuous commitment and a constant component of our mission. We therefore commit ourselves to:

1) observe, in content and in the principles, the rules of law in matters of safety and industrial hygiene applicable to activities, products and services of our production site;
2) apply voluntarily where possible additional measures deemed necessary, even in the absence of legislative obligations;
3) promote initiatives to prevent, in every activity, the occurrence of accidents, significant and non which could compromise the safety of our employees;
4) raise awareness and inform all employees and collaborators of external companies on the need to comply with safety and health standards applicable to the activities of our production site;
5) form the employees to deal with any emergencies or abnormalities.
6) pursue the continuous improvement of safety management, including identifying the risks associated with the activities carried out and the definition of targets for their reduction;
7) promote a transparent and cooperative relationship with the public, private and local community.

Parità di genere

La Specialcavi Baldassari intende assicurare la parità di genere relativa alla presenza e alla crescita professionale delle donne nell'organizzazione. In tal senso, vuole procedere alla valorizzazione delle diversità presenti nei ruoli che operano nell’organizzazione e a mantenere processi in grado di sviluppare l’empowerment femminile nelle attività di business.

L’attenzione dell’organizzazione, nel percorso che assicura il raggiungimento e il mantenimento di tale scopo, focalizza i propri sforzi nelle seguenti aree predisposte dalla prassi UNI 125:2022


  1. Cultura e strategia    
  2. Governance
  3. Processi HR
  4. Opportunità
  5. Equità remunerativa
  6. Genitorialità


L’organizzazione crede che lo sviluppo di un modello culturale che promuove la parità di genere, oltre a generare “valore sociale” apprezzato nel contesto economico istituzionale europeo, costituisca un fattore di sviluppo per il business che l’organizzazione conduce.

Policies | Specialcavi Baldassari


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