Energia, controllo e segnalamento

<meters> CE 0987 SPECIALCAVI BALDASSARI LIYY <formation> IEC 60332-3-24 <lot> <year> DCA-S3,D0,A3
Caratteristiche costruttive

Flexible bare copper conductor, class 5


PVC flame retardant compound


Cores twisted/stranded in concentric layers

Guaina esterna 

PVC flame retardant compound


Cores identifcation:
DIN 47100
Outer sheath colour:
Grey (based on RAL 7001)

Caratteristiche elettriche
Tensione di esercizio anime 


Tensione di esercizio guaina esterna 
Tensione di prova 


Riferimento normativo 

IEC 60228
IEC 60332-3-24 Cat.C
EN 50363

Classe di reazione al fuoco 
EN 50575:2016 Dca - s3, d0, a3
Temperatura minima di esercizio 

• Fixed laying -25°C
• Occasional mobile laying w/o stress -5°C

Temperatura massima di esercizio 

• Fixed laying +70°C
• Occasional mobile laying w/o stress +70°C

Temperatura massima cortocircuito 
Su richiesta 

• Customized cores identification/outer sheath colour

Condizioni di posa
Temperatura minima di posa 0°C
Raggio minimo di posa: vedi scheda tecnica
Max sforzo di tiro: vedi scheda tecnica
Posa fissa
Posa mobile occasionale aciclica senza stress
In tubo o canalina in aria

Cable conforms to the requirements in the Construction Products Regulations (CPR EU 305/11), aimed at limiting the production and diffusion of fire and smoke.

Multi-core cable for control, signaling, command and measurement systems with scaled-down outer dimension and excellent flexibility.
Commonly used in intercom systems, electronic control equipment, office machines, measuring devices, and in general wherever a small diameter cable is required. It has excellent flexibility and is lightweight.

Suitable for installation in dry or damp indoor environments, in static or limited dynamic installation (not permanently in motion) where there is no mechanical stress.
Underground laying is not permitted even if protected.